Primary Cell: A Valuable Tool In Life Science Research

For decades, cell lines are playing a major role in advancement of scientific research and cell-based technologies. Cell culture experiments are of much importance in research especially for human based projects, yet researchers have to be very cautious during interpretation of data generated from cell lines only. Factors such as modified phenotype, genetic make-up, chromosome aberrations etc. inclined researchers to adopt the primary cells in their research. Primary cells are cells derived directly from the source, therefore more representative of tissues compared to cell lines, increasing the physiological relevance of data obtained from in vitro assays or in vivo models.

Following are the advantages associated with primary cells in comparison to cell lines:

Retention Of Genetic Make-Up-

Closely Mimic In Vivo Condition

More Relevant Data

Though primary cells may be more difficult to work with, the data obtained from using primary cells is more relevant and reflective of the in vivo environment.

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